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Transport safety

Since Russian Railways was founded the number of transport accidents and incidents linked with violations of transportation and railway operation safety rules has been reduced.

Since Russian Railways was founded the number of transport accidents and incidents linked with violations of transportation and railway operation safety rules has been reduced.

The Company managed to reduce the number of car uncouplings from passenger trains 16.7 times. The number of rail defects blocking train movement or causing lower speed limist of 15 km/h decreased from 406 to 55 cases or 7.4 times

Russian Railways leadership constantly analyses external and internal risks of transport accidents and takes special measures including preventive ones.

Transport safety regulation

Under the Federal Law “On Transport Safety” Russian Railways are taking a number of measures to provide safety of railway facilities.

In 2013 the Company allocated more than 16.3 billion roubles to provide safety of important railway public transport facilities (in 2012 — 14.9 billion roubles). It helped to activate security system of 6,130 facilities (9.3% more than in 2012).

Greater number of secure railway facilities helped to improve their safety and decrease property thefts by 18%.

In 2013 the Company focused its efforts on taking a number of measures to improve safety of railway infrastructure facilities used for transport servicing of XXVII World Summer Universiade Games held in Kazan and forthcoming XXII Winter Olimpic Games and XI Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014.

In the course of preparing and conducting the Universiade–2013 the Company activated security systems of an additional 27 railway facilities including very busy facilities (railway stations Kazan–1, Kazan–2, suburban station Kazan), and the inter modal transportation railway line Kazan- international Airport Kazan. When the Universiade was held the safety measures helped to prevent any violations at railway facilities.

In 2013 the Company also took a number of measures to provide security of railway facilities used for transportation servicing at XXII Winter Olimpic Games and XI Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

The security system was also activated for the transport infrastructure facilities in railway sections Tuapse – Adler – Veseloye

and Adler-alpika Service (Krasnaya Polyana)and the  inter modal transportation line Adler – Sochi Airport, and a network of security points wasestablished with a situation center of transport safety monitoring at Adler station.

The Company also cooperated with MTD RF MVD to provide security, preventing any crimes and violations at railway facilities.

As a result of measures taken together with the MVD Transport Agency 465 people were detained (in 2012 – 543). 167 criminal cases were opened (in 2012 – 213). In 2013 the law enforcement agency conducted 465 planned training sessions and attracted 4,354 railway employees.

In terms of team building for railway employees, security agencies and regional security centers carried out 1,120 planned training sessions to prevent unlawful interference with railway activity.

4,542 employees of Russian Railways took part in  trainings 255 video films for broadcasting, 193 radio programs and 2,050 paper articles were prepared on how to prevent of unlawful interference in railway operation.

As a result of the conducted work the total number of registered incidents of unlawful interference in operation of the Company's facilities fell by 26% compared to 2012 (in 2013 –1,257 cases, in 2012 – 1,702).

Project “Transport Safety”

Within the investment program Russian Railways continued implementing the project “Transport Safety” to reduce risks of unlawful interference in railway operation.

The project is aimed at equipping important railway infrastructure facilities with security systems and modernizing previously installed ones.

In 2013 the Company's budget stipulated allocating more than 680 million roubles to equip the facilities with security systems. The funds were used to equip 12 additional railway infrastructure facilities with security systems. Thus the total number of secure facilities reached 1,480.

Within the framework of project implementation the Company took security measures at railway infrastructure facilities involved in transport servicing of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan and Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and also at high-speed railway transport.

High-speed infrastructure facilities as well as Kazan and Sochi transportation hubs including Kazan railway station – Kazan airport, Kolpino –Torfyanoye, the routes Moscow – St. Petersburg, Tuapse –Dagomys of North Caucasus Railway are equipped with security and video surveillance systems.

Railway stations of Kazan, Sochi passenger complex (at Sochi, Khosta, Adler, Olympiisky Park, Esto-Sadok, Krasnaya Polyana, Imeretinsky resort railway stations) are equipped with screening systems.

Within the framework of  implementing the Complex to provide population security there were installed new security technologies using security systems for railway control and supervision in sections Roshino-Gavrilovo, Gavrilovo – Buslovskaya, Akademicheskaya – Zavidovo on the St Petersburg – Moscow route, Petushki – Vtorovo, Vtorovo – Vyazniki in Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod route, insection Degomys – Veseloye of North Caucasus Railway.

The total volume of funds allocated from 2013 federal budget amounted to 670.5 million roubles.

In 2013 security systems installed at the facilities helped law enforcement and security agencies to detect 401 and prevent 318 violations and incidents, detain 17,012 people for administrative violation and 38 wanted criminals and find 111 ownerless suspicious items.