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One of the ways in which Russian Railways contributes to society is through charity activities. These are carried out by the Company both autonomously — via acting commissions for providing assistance to various non-profit organisations and individuals — and through special funds

A wide range of funds to various population groups and charitable organisations is distributed via these funds.

Every year, the Company approves a plan of yearly charity activities.

The amount of finance committed for this purpose was 730 million RUB in 2013.

The Transsoyuz charity fund has been established to ensure a more effective organisation of charity activities and raising of additional funding sources, and in order to consolidate the financial capacity and charitable efforts of Russian Railways and its subsidiaries, as well as to undertake charity projects which have Russia-wide importance or are recognised as major industrial projects.

In 2013 the Company, together with the Transsoyuz charity fund, took part in such wide-ranging, purpose-oriented charity projects as:

  • Recreation of the Agate rooms in Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve. The total amount of financing was more than 270 million RUB, Russian Railways share in 2013 — 31.2 million RUB;
  • Conducting and financing expensive medical treatment, hardship child care, child hospice support and support of the social childcare charity fund Rasprav Krylya! The total amount of financing was more than 100 million RUB. The Russian Railways share in 2013 was 40.2 million RUB.