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The real estate, freight rolling stock, passenger cars fleet, locomotives, electric trains are insured by the Company, which also carries personal insurance for employees, liability insurance for rail infrastructure owners and carrier liability insurance. Liability insurance is provided for directors of the Company and of its 77 subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

The company provides timely fulfillment of legislative requirements for all types of mandatory insurance, like mandatory liability insurance for hazard facility owners and others.

In 2013 an open competition was held and a carrier mandatory liability insurance contract was signed in case of damage caused to life, health, property of carry passengers using long-distance and local trains. The Company also held an open competition for mandatory liability insurance in February 2014.

In the reporting year, a tender was held to choose the insurance company for property insurance. Under this contract, over 439 thousand property assets of the Company are insured, including 105 high-risk assets, complex technical facilities with a higher policy limit and special facultative reinsurance at leading foreign reinsurance companies.

In the reporting year, settlement of insurance claims began for such large insurance events as the flood in the Far-East Region and in the polygon of the Yuzhno-Ural railroad in August-September, as well as the explosion at the Volgograd-1 railway station in December.

The total amount of the received insurance indemnity was over RUB 768 million in 2013.

The Company constantly develops and implements regulating documents and procedures to specify the order of insurance protection at Russian Railways Group.

Since 2010, in order to ensure a unified approach to the organisation of insurance protection of subsidiaries, there has been a Single Corporate Concept of insurance protection for Russian Railways subsidiaries and its affiliated companies. This document specifies the common principles of insurance protection organisation for Russian Railways subsidiaries and its affiliated companies, the interaction procedure for Russian Railways subsidiaries and its affiliated companies with insurance market participants, and the insurance protection planning procedure, signing and administration of insurance contracts in accordance with the Russian Federation law and Group company guidelines.

In order to increase the efficiency of insurance events settlement, a set of methodological guidelines was developed for each type of insurance contract, and in 2013 the regulations were developed for subsidiaries interaction to organise insurance protection. The Company subsidiaries organise their process of insurance events settlement in accordance with these regulations.