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State support of Russian Railways

In 2013, the overall volume of state support of Russian Railways from the federal budget, regional budgets and extra-budgetary funds was RUB 87.1 bn, which is RUB 65.7 bn less than in 2012 (-43%)

Structure of state financing from the budgets of all levels in 2013, in bn RUB.

In 2013, the overall volume of state support allocated from the Federal Budget was RUB 86.7 billion. As compared to 2012, the reduction in financing for Russian Railways from the federal budget in 2013 was RUB 65.4 billion (-43%).

In 2013, the Russian Federation Government continued to pay special attention to the implementation of state projects for the development of the railway transportation infrastructure, whose financing mechanism is operated by way of contributions to the Company’s charter capital. The amount of contribution to charter capital in 2013 was RUS 59.5 billion. At the same time, the amount of state financing in this area was reduced as compared to 2012 by RUB 41.6 billion (-41.2%).

In 2013, according to the Russian Federation Resolution dd. 17.10.2011 No. 844, the volumes of financing for the compensation of revenue losses that occur in the result of state regulation of tariffs for the services of using public transport rendered in the course of conducting suburban passenger transportation remained the same. In 2013, as well as in 2012, RUB 25 billion was allocated from the federal budget for this purpose.

Budget funds that came from the federal budget in 2013, RUB bn

Implementation of state projects through the budget of Russian Railways
Implementation of activities for the development of a transportation complex for the Moscow region, including funds allocated from Moscow budget 38.3
Activities for development of railway infrastructure on the Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet section 16.2
Development and renewal of Baikal – Amur and Trans-Siberian Mainlines 4.6
Complex reconstruction of the M.Gorky – Kotelnikov – Tikhoretskaya – Krymskaya section, with a detour of the Krasnodar hub 0.3
Direct support of Russian Railways
Compensation of revenue losses for services using the infrastructure to carry passengers in suburban transport 25
Subsidy for compensation of losses related to the elimination of large-scale floods in the territory of FEFD 1.5
Subsidies for implementation of activities in the framework of Integrated programme for public safety maintenance on transport 0.4
Subsidies for the compensation of costs for the maintenance of automobile road Adler – alpine climatic resort 0.4
Total 86.7