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Human resources

Human resources
Personnel is a key factor for the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.

The Company has set a human resources development strategy that runs until 2015.

The main strategic objectives in the human resources management policy of Russian Railways are the increased effectiveness and the department’s involvement in the implementation of corporate goals.

An important indicator of the effectiveness of the Company’s social and human resources policy is that in 2013 Russian Railways was added to the top 5 of the most attractive employers in the country among social welfare companies with public ownership (based on a survey conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre).

In 2013 the Company was performing methodical work for headcount optimisation based on business process excellence, work technology and time-consuming production process automation. By December 31, 2013, the staff strength of Russian Railways was 902.7 thousand people. For one year, the Company terminated the employment of 126.6 thousand people, and 91.6 thousand people were recruited. The release of personnel was mainly due to the natural flow-out and retirement of people who had reached retirement age.

The staffing level in the Company was 97.6% according to the personnel chart, with a staff turnover level of 8.8%.

Over the past few years, the Company has “got younger” from a demographic perspective — the average age of employees decreased from 40 to 39.3 years. Of this, almost a third (27.8%) are under 30 years old, which is the result of a targeted corporate youth policy.

39.3 years old
The average age of employees got younger and is now

Age structure of employees on the payroll list,%

In the last decade, there has been significant growth in the number of employees with higher and secondary professional education.
Employee share with higher education is
From total staff, 1.4% increase by the beginning of the year (growth since 2003 is 11.4%)
Employees share with secondary professional education is
0.2% increase by the beginning of the year (growth since 2003 is 8.4%)

Employee numbers at Russian Railways according to personnel categories,%