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Environmental protection and the efficient use of resources

As an environmentally driven company, Russian Railways carries out activities aimed at increased responsibility for environment conditions, introduces environment-friendly and effective technologies and supports “don’t harm nature” principles.

The Company has determined an ecological strategy for the period until 2015 and for the future prospect till 2030. The strategy is designed to decrease the environmental load from all types of economic activities of the Company by half by 2030, with green innovation technology introduced as a priority.

At the instruction of Russian Railways president Mr. V.I. Yakunin, the year 2013 was proclaimed as The Year of Environmental Protection. A key activities plan, based on a funding increase of more than 30% compared to 2012, has been developed and executed.

As a result of environmental activities in 2013, compared to 2012:

  • Emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air from static sources decreased by 3.1 thousand tonnes, or 3.6% compared to the level of 2012;
  • Discharge of polluted wastewaters to surface water bodies decreased by 0.5 million m³, or 4.1%;
  • Processing and neutralisation of wastes increased by 259 thousand tonnes, or 36.6%.

In addition, environment protection education and training activities for railway passengers were executed.

Environmental activities undertaken in 2013:

In terms of environmental pollution, Russian Railways contributes less than 1% by way of emissions from static sources, discharge of polluted wastewaters to surface water bodies and production and consumption waste generation.
  • Arrangement of one “green train” for each operating domain of 16 railways with visual information regarding environment protection;
  • Organising “subbotnik” (volunteer work) within the scope of the “Green Russia” all-Russian action. 164 thousand people participated in “subbotnik” and as a result, 895 unauthorised landfills were eliminated within the right of way, 18 thousand tonnes of wastes were moved out to operating domains, and more than 500 trees were planted;
  • On passenger service trains, biodegradable was introduced;
  • Preparatory works aimed at the separate collection of wastes in railroad complexes and in the office buildings of Russian Railways began in 2014;
  • Monthly environmental actions have been carried out in the Company’s subsidiaries, aimed at creating fuel and power economy, decreasing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, decreasing the volume of waste disposal, and offering environmental culture training.