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Railway station complex

Total investment for development of railway stationsx in 2013 was

RUB mln
Revenues from passenger servicing at railway stations for 2013 have grown by 9% comparing to 2012

Railway stations of Russian Railways are constantly working on improving quality of service and providing a comfortable and safe stay at stations.

Standard solutions and constant service quality control help us noticeably reduce the impact of the human factor on service level, provide a high level of competitiveness and proper service quality simultaneously assisting in optimization of service costs.

In 2013 we continued introducing new automatic luggage and hand luggage lockers with non-contact smart cards as pass keys and means of payment. During the year we installed 4,287 automatic lockers increasing their total number to 5,666.

Revenues from passenger servicing at railway stations amounted to1.9 billion roubles, 9% more than in 2012.

We are actively introducing Wi-Fi network: you can find it at the 60 larggest railway stations in Russia. We are planning to increase the number of railway station complexes with an Internet connection up to 100 by the end of 2014.

Since 2011 we have started using more outsourcers to improve service quality and increase profitability. At the moment services at 167 railway stations have been handed over to outsourcing (145 stations in 2012).

The company is still taking measures to create a barrier free environment for disabled and physically challenged people at railway stations. To improve service quality for such groups of people we installed 33 units of special equipment in 2013 (elevators, moving staircases, chairlifts, ramps). The number of sanitary rooms adjusted for handicapped people has increased from 3 to 34.

In 2013 the Company continued works on reconstruction, modernization and construction of railway station infrastructure. It should be noted that the works were finished by the Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in the course of which we undertook large-scale reconstruction of existing stations and constructed new ones. For example, we built a new multimodal railway station terminal in Adler and reconstructed passenger terminals for railway stations in Sochi, Dagomys, Khosta and Matsesta for the needs of handicapped peoples.

In 2013 total investment for railway station complex development amounted to 6,805.6 million roubles. Within the framework of the investment program railway stations of Rybinsk, Atkarsk, Saransk, Novkuznetsk, 6 railway stations in Moscow (Savelovsky, Leningradsky, Paveletsky, Rizhsky, Yaroslavsky, Belorussky), Pensa-1, Ladozhsky (1 stage) opened after reconstruction in 2013.