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Industrial safety

In 2013 Russian Railways revised its existing policy in the work safety, environmental protection and industrial safety field. This was due to the expansion of the Group’s distribution area and the undertaking of obligations regarding compliance with the requirements of international and national standards in the work safety and environmental protection field.

By introducing a revised work safety and safe workplaces arrangement, Russian Railways saw a decrease in injury cases among process workers in 2013. Compared to 2012, the number of workplace injuries in Russian Railways as a whole fell by 5% and the number of cases with a fatal outcome by 10%. In 2013, Russian Railways aligned with the norms required for all workplaces with resolvable harmful factors and improved the working conditions of 46 thousand workplaces with irresolvable harmful factors.

The Company has approved a long-term comprehensive programme regarding improving the conditions and work safety within Russian Railways for 2013-2015.

The list of the main activities, improving the conditions and work safety in Russian Railways as well as recommendations for charging the subdivision units expenses of Russian Railways to work safety accounts, was revised in 2013.

Workplace injury dynamics

Process safety key indicators dynamics

Indicators 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Work safety expenses (conditions and work safety improvement activities), bn RUB 7.761 9.562 11.117 12.676 16.030
Process injuries frequency rate (number of injured per thousand workers) 0.59 0.55 0.45 0.39 0.39
Brought into compliance, thousand workplaces 12.5 13.0 10.8 19.7 7.5
Improved working conditions, thousand workplaces 42.3 48.5 49.0 55.7 46.0