/  Requesting Feedback from the Reader of this Report

Requesting Feedback from the Reader of this Report

Dear reader,

You have been acquainted with the annual public report of JSC “RZD”, addressed to a wide circle of interested parties. Your opinion is very important to us. We would be grateful if you contributed to improving the quality of the Company’s reports by completing this questionnaire.

Your questionary was send. Thank you for your time!

General assessment of the Report
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Your general impression of the Annual Report
Reliability and objectivity
Simplicity and accessibility of the presented information
Completeness and relevance of the information
Structure of the report and ease in finding needed information
Rate your interests in the following sections of the Annual Report
Company overview
Performance overview
Development strategy
Investment activity results
Financial and Economic Performance
Investors and analysts
Risk Management
Corporate Management
Social Section

Topics which, in your opinion, must be included in or elaborated upon in the next report:

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