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Corporate University

The Company is continuing with its business education development, the key element of which is the Russian Railways Corporate University.

Since 2010, more than 15 thousand Group executives have completed their education in various programmes.

In 2013, Corporate University focused its work on the development and launch of purpose-oriented and specific programmes in order to support the Company’s new management system. The university significantly expanded the functionality of its portal Internet solutions in order to ensure educational, methodical and organisational support for remote participants.

Key results of Russian Railways Corporate University activities in 2013:

  • 2,263 executives passed the corporate competence development assessment;
  • 3,870 executives of the Group, including 3,562 executives of Russian Railways subsidiaries and 308 executives of affiliated and associated companies, completed the “Corporate Leadership” training programme;
  • 1,233 participants in the “Corporate Leadership” programme launched personal growth plans with an automated control system for personal growth;
  • 25 specialised programmes for 1,315 executives were executed;
  • 10 onsite training programmes were run for functional and other subsidiary executives of Russian Railways, which included visits to railway transport enterprises in Germany, Great Britain, France, the USA, Spain and Sweden;
  • 113 of Russian Railways senior management executives started training in a new purpose-oriented corporate management programme.

In total, by the end of 2013, 5,768 executives from the Group, including 690 executives of university subsidiaries in St.Petersburg and Samara, had taken purpose-oriented, specific and remote educational programmes via the Corporate University

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