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Russian Railways housing policy

Since 2005, Russian Railways has had a housing policy designed to meet two main objectives:

  • Financial support for employees in need of housing improvement;
  • Arrangement of housing for employees involved in the technical aspects oftransportation.

In 2013, 2,347 employees received subsidised loans for residential property ownership (amounting to 4.3 billion RUB). Specific attention is paid to young and large families, as well as to single parents. For these groups non-repayable subsidies, which cover up to 70% of residential property cost, are provided.

In the period between 2006-2013 more than 26.6 thousand of the Company’s employees have improved their housing conditions with Russian Railways financial support
thousand employees
In 2013 subsidised loans were provided to
thousand employees

The number of the Company’s employees who have improved their housing conditions with company corporate support