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Technical modernisation with environmental component

In 2013 the Company continued technical modernisation based on environmental requirements:

  • ТЭ10 locomotives underwent modernisation works, with the replacement Д100 diesel with Д49 (120 units total), which allowed to provide decrease of pollutants emission into the atmosphere by 6%;
  • 13 innovative double-diesel locomotive shunters were introduced ТЭМ14;
  • All purchased timber sleepers were steeped in eco-friendly aseptic of 4th hazard rating. Comparing to 2012, the length of railway lines on timber sleepers has decreased by 3.8 thousand km.
Decrease of railway lines on timber sleepers comparing to 2012
3.8 thousand km
ТЭ10 locomotives modernisation

120 units
Innovative ТЭМ14 locomotives implementation

13 units